Five habits for 2018

Five habits for 2018

So here we are at the start of 2018! A brand new year with brand new opportunities. I love it when the year’s all new and you’re still thinking about all the things you’re going to do with it. I’ve never been a big one for resolutions though. They always seem to be very generic with no real measure of success or so ambitious that they’re bound to end in disappointment.

I still like to do something to mark the new year though, which is why this post from Rachel Ridler:Mum on a mission (although I’ve now noticed it’s a year old!) really seemed to speak to me. I don’t want to make resolutions, I do want to form new habits. Habits that will help me at home, with family, at work, in prayer. So many areas of my life could be improved just by making simple things into everyday habits.

So here are the things I want to make habits in 2018.

Mummy Meditations

Given it was a blog about Mummy Meditations that got me thinking about habits, this had to come first. I love the idea behind Mummy Meditations – Bible study with no guilt, just one verse to really focus on each week. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing and getting Monkey involved in but I’ve got out of the habit. I’ve already started with this weeks verse and I’m determined to get back in the habit.

Blog consistently

I love blogging but I am the world’s most inconsistent blogger. Sometimes you’ll get four posts off me in a day, other times you won’t hear from me for months. I want to get a bit more structure and routine into my blogging so I’ve picked a couple of linkies to join in with each week – Living Arrows at What The Redhead Said and Little Loves at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. I’m also hoping to write up what I’ve done with the Mummy Meditations verse each Sunday and start my Postbox Peeking posts again on a Saturday. All that and random ramblings too!

SJI prompt

This year I’ve signed up to Prompt 52 from Share Jesus International. Prompt is a thought and a question each week for a year! The idea is that you prayerfully ask God that question and then look out for opportunities and situations that arise where you can follow through with the challenge. I’m not 100% how it’ll work but I’m interested to see where it’ll take me.


I used to read loads before I had a baby. The “baby” is now three and a half. It’s time I got back to it. I’ve joined an online book club, I just need to buy the book now!

My Fitness Pal

We’re really hoping to get a holiday abroad this year. I’m nowhere near bikini ready! I’ve probably tried most diets out there but what works best for me is good old fashioned calorie counting. The My Fitness Pal app makes it really easy to count calories and seeing it all there in black and white really helps keep me on track.

What habits do you want to start in 2018?


Christmas 2017 – Our best bits

Christmas 2017 – Our best bits

This year has been our best Christmas yet. It’s the first one that Monkey has fully understood and she has totally inherited my enthusiasm for the season.

Christmas day and Boxing day were complete madness with the grandparents over and presents everywhere. We did manage to get to church on Christmas morning which calmed her down a bit – but not for long!

Christmas day outfit – excuse the messy hair!

Christmas day sort of passed by in a Monkey shaped whirlwind but we did lots of lovely activities in the run up to Christmas. Here’s a few of our favourites.


This year Monkey did a nativity play at nursery. She was a dancer, a role which she took VERY seriously as she’s planning on being a ballerina when she grows up. Unfortunately I was working so missed the show but the photos and videos were enough to have me blubbing.

Happy dancer

We also went along to our usual Christmas eve family carol and nativity service. It’s become one of our traditions and really marks the start of christmas for me. This year Monkey dressed up as a shepherd.

Dressed as a shepherd on Christmas eve

Elf Antics

We had an elf on the shelf for the first time this year. Conpared to some of the pictures I’ve seen online we kept it fairly simple but we still had lots of fun. Most mornings I was dragged off to see “what’s that naughty Elfie doing today?” and she was forever telling him off. He’s gone back to the North Pole now but we can’t wait to see him again next year.

Naughty Elfie put underwear on the tree!


Monkey loves a good party! And she seems to have been to loads over Christmas. She’s had parties at friend’s houses, nursery and ballet but my favourite party photo is this one of her and her best friend at a church group party.

Monkey and the Minion – best mates celebrating Christmas

Gingerbread House

Monkey (and me!) had a really fun morning with some friends from church. She was upset that she couldn’t go to house group at their house so they invited her round and made a wonderful gingerbread house. She had a great time and the effort that they went to for her meant such a lot to me.

Decorating her gingerbread house

Christmas Ponies

We had a lovely morning at the Pony Patch for the Christmas ponies. Monkey’s pony this time was called Lily. She got to brush her and put ribbons on her mane, before dressing her up as an elf and going for a ride down Candy Cane Lane. The snow makes the pictures look beautiful but it was so cold! We needed a hot chocolate to warm us up.

Christmas pony ride

What did you get up to over Christmas? Hope you all had a good one.

Pink Ukulele – Living Arrows 1/52

Pink Ukulele – Living Arrows 1/52

When I decided I was going to join in with some linkies to try and keep me on track with blogging Living Arrows was top of the list. I’ve joined in a few times in the past but this year I’m determined to take part every single week. I think it will be lovely to look back at at the end of the year.

Living arrows is all about celebrating childhood by sharing one photo each week. There were so many to choose from this week with the madness of christmas so it was hard to decide.


I love this photo of Monkey. She just looks so happy, even if she is looking scarily grown up. It was taken on one of those mad days between Christmas and new year when you don’t have a clue what day it is. The pink ukulele was a Christmas present from Granny and Grandad and she loves it. Check out my Facebook page to see her playing it.

Living Arrows


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!


2017 was a pretty good year for us. We’ve had lots of fun together (I started writing a post about all the fun things we’ve done but it got stupidly long!), watched my toddler grow into the most amazing little girl and waved goodbye to food allergies!

Blogging wise it’s been an up and down year. I’ve had moments of brilliance where I blog lots but then huge chunks where I just disappear. I’m hoping to be more consistent in 2018. I may not post every day but hopefully there won’t be the huge gaps of several months.

I’ve chosen a few linkies to join in with every week, I’ll be showing you all my post and I’m really excited about getting involved with Mummy Meditations again. I lost my way with it a little bit over the last few months but I’ve really missed it. There’ll also be my usual ramblings whenever I’ve got something to say.

Of course this is just the plan, I’m making no promises!

Old and New Friends – Postbox Peeking 29/10/17

Old and New Friends – Postbox Peeking 29/10/17

I’ve not had a lot of post lately so it was nice to get back to normal and be able to write a Postbox Peeking post.


So here we go with a look at this week’s post.


I had one penpal letter this week, from Jessica in New Zealand. We’ve written to each other for ages now and it’s always great to hear her news.

Child Sponsorship

I’ve sponsored a child through World Vision for quite a few years now. At the moment I sponsor Regina who is 8 years old and lives in Uganda. This week I received a progress report from her community as well as an updated photo of her.


It was great to read that Regina is in school and in good health. There’s some great things going on in her community too. Babies are getting a better start in life as awareness campaigns have resulted in 360 children receiving immunisations and 240 more babies being exclusively breast fed.

Children’s clubs are teaching children in the community about their rights and getting them involved in improving their community. Children who have dropped out of school are getting vocational training and children are benefiting from sports, music, drama and environmental clubs giving them new skills whilst having lots of fun.

Adults in the community have set up a savings and borrowing group.

I love getting reports from World Vision and seeing how a relatively small amount from me can make such a difference to the life of others. Monkey has become more and more interested lately so I recently made the decision to sponsor another child in her name.

Ndeye Awa is 3 years old and lives in Senegal. She was actually born on exactly the same day as Monkey. I’m hoping that with them being the same age I can show Monkey the things that they have in common (they both love playing with dolls!) as well as show her the differences in their lives.


Monkey’s welcome pack arrived this week. She received a photo of Ndeye Awa, a writing set to send her a letter and two matching friendship bracelets, one for each of the girls.

Subscription packs

Our latest Nature Detectives pack from Woodland Trust arrived this week jam packed with Autumn activities to keep us busy outside. We’re looking forward to making a woodland monogram and doing some leaf printing.


After reading Rachel Ridler – Mum on a Mission’s review and watching her Facebook live I decided to treat myself to this Bible Journaling kit from The Christian Lettering Company. Bible Journaling is one of those things I keep meaning to try but I haven’t yet. This starter kit is ideal. An absolute bargain at less than £15, it has enough for me to see if I enjoy it without spending an absolute fortune. I can’t wait to get started.


What have you had in the post this week?

Blogtober Day 20 – A Letter to a Teenage Monkey

Blogtober Day 20 – A Letter to a Teenage Monkey

Dear Monkey

First off, I love you. I always have and I always will.

I know that’s easy to say while you’re a happy smiley three year old. But if you’re anything like your mummy was as a teenager you’ll be moody, sulky, full of attitude and generally hard work. I’ll still love you though.

I know you’re all grown up now and far too cool to talk to me. I know I’m probably the last person you want to talk to but I need to know that you can. About anything! Whether it’s silly little things, that boy you like, school work or bigger more serious stuff. There is nothing too big or too shocking for me to help you with. I’m your mummy, that’s my job!

Next up, I’m proud of you. The teenage years may not show you at your best but I know you’re a good person. You are kind, you’re hard working, you have a strong faith and you care about people. These characteristics and your strong personality will help you through these difficult years. I know you will come out the other end and be an AMAZING young woman.

Love Always (yes even through the stroppy teenage years)

Mummy xxx



Blogtober Day 19 – Secrets

Blogtober Day 19 – Secrets

The prompt for today is secrets. I honestly don’t really have any but even if I did I wouldn’t be sharing them here. Instead I thought I’d share some of the things that I “secretly” worry about.

  • I caused Monkey to be born with a dairy allergy by eating too many cheese and onion pies when pregnant.
  • Choosing the right school for Monkey
  • If Monkey does too many activities
  • Monkey not doing activities she wants to do
  • Is Monkey too bossy?
  • Am I ever going to catch up with Blogtober?
  • Is Monkey always going to be the smallest?
  • Is it even a problem if she is?
  • How do I keep her safe once she starts going anywhere without me?

Etc, etc, etc! Basically my secret is that motherhood has turned me into a neurotic mess!