More clothes for Monkey – Postbox Peeking 10/2/18

More clothes for Monkey – Postbox Peeking 10/2/18

It’s been a very quiet week for post here. Only one letter and a couple of parcels so this will be a super quick post this week.



Just the one letter for me this week and none for poor Monkey. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a quiet week.


If you read my Postbox Peeking posts regularly you’ll probably have realised I love online shopping. I always start off looking for me but end up buying things for Monkey. She’s definitely realised this because when a parcel from Next arrived this week she was dancing round the room singing “Yay, new clothes for me” before we’d even had chance to open it.


She was right of course! Inside the parcel was this this beautiful rainbow dash dress and oh so appropriate jumper. The dress is hooded with a rainbow mane on the hood and we both love it. She can’t wait to get it on but she’s living in her pjs or big baggy t-shirts while she’s got the chicken pox so no pictures yet.

The other thing that arrived was a smoothie bottle. Monkey has got very into having a smooth with daddy in the morning. He uses a Breville blend active to make them. It makes them straight into the bottle and up until now he’s been pouring some into a cup for Monkey a she couldn’t manage a full one and the bottle was too big for her to physically manage anyway. She wanted to be just like daddy though so she was made up when we discovered they did child size bottles. She’s enjoying her smoothies even more now!


What’s dropped through your post box this week?


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