A Bumper Postbox Peeking

A Bumper Postbox Peeking

It’s a bumper postbox peeking for two reasons – I’m catching up on a few weeks and I’ve had a lot of post.



I’ve had nine penpal letters. Lots of happy news lately which has made me smile. I’ve been hearing about Christmas from some pals and there have also been engagements, new babies, new homes and lots of exciting times.


I didn’t think I’d done much shopping lately until I came to write this. It appears that I have. My shopping send to fall into three main categories so here goes.


My penpal Elaine makes and sells gorgeous writing sets over at Sweet Stationery Store. I treated Monkey to three new sets – ballerina, Frozen and Star Wars, summing up her personality quite nicely. While I was buying I couldn’t resist the unicorn Valentines set for myself. It was just too cute.


I think I got all four sets for £17 so she’s definitely worth checking out if you want good quality writing paper without breaking the bank.

I also treated myself to a Peter Rabbit writing set from Amazon. There’s something about nice writing paper that just makes me smile.


Next had a sale on – it would be rude not to! Although it appears I’ve done my usual trick of buying for Monkey who has loads of clothes instead of me who is desperate for them. I got a My Little Pony jumper, some My Little Pony leggings and a unicorn dress. There’s a bit of a theme going on here. I’ve been rubbish about getting pictures lately but you can get an idea of the dress from this one I quickly snapped in the library.


It’s bad enough that Monkey gets clothes and I don’t but this week her doll Laura also got new clothes. A school uniform from the very lovely Frilly Lily.



I’ve joined an online book group so I bought a couple of books for that. The Power by Naomi Alderman and The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange. I really enjoyed them both, they are definitely worth a read.


There was also a book for Monkey. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She fell in love with the film over Christmas and has enjoyed some of Roald Dahl’s other books so we decided to treat her.

Postal Bible School

Monkey received her latest lesson back all marked and once again she got full marks. I’m so proud of the effort she puts into these lessons.

Have you had anything interesting in the post lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



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