Running, Cooking, Football and a Fab Parents Evening – Little Loves 5/52

Running, Cooking, Football and a Fab Parents Evening – Little Loves 5/52

Once again I am linking up with Morganna over at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat to share the little things I’ve loved this week. I’ve been really enjoying this linky, it’s a lovely way to look back over each week.

This week we have…


When I was little I LOVED the Happy Families books by Allan Ahlberg. Monkey got Mrs Plug the Plumber from the library a few months back and really enjoyed it but I’ve really struggled to find any to buy for her. I was really excited when the book people brought this bag of Happy Families books into work. It was a bargain at just £10 for 10 books so I snapped it up straight away and we’ve been enjoying them together this week.


I’ve also continued with my goal of reading more for myself. Now I’ve got back in the habit I’m really enjoying my reading again. I managed to finish two books this week – The White Pearl by Kate Furnival and The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange.


I always find this section the hardest as we’re not big TV watchers in our house. I did enjoy watching Monkey open her post this week though. She’s taking part in a race this weekend and her number arrived in the post.


It was really hard to get a photo because she was so excited, jumping up and down with it and then running up and down the room with it because she needed to practise. I dread to think how giddy she’ll be on race day.


Granny and Grandad came round on Sunday and Monkey made their tea. Obviously we didn’t let her anywhere near the oven but she made pizza all by herself and was very proud.



The last few weeks Monkey has been talking about the football a lot. She’s been a few times and enjoyed it but the timing of her swimming lesson means we can’t go often. Grandad Tom treated her to a new football shirt and she’s been wearing it with pride. She’s also taken to shouting “Goal! FC United!” whenever she plays football.



Definitely my favourite section for this week. Last night was parents evening at nursery and it was lovely to hear such good things about Monkey. Academically she is at least where she should be in all areas but even more important than that was the kind of girl they said she was. She said she’s good fun, a kind and caring friend who will try to include everyone in her games and an example to other children of how to behave. I always knew she was pretty amazing but it’s nice to hear it from someone else.

And Lastly

We’re looking forward to Mad Dog weekend in Southport this weekend. Races for Monkey and Daddy and a trip to my favourite restaurant for me.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat



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