New friends and Unicorns – Postbox Peeking 13/1/18

New friends and Unicorns – Postbox Peeking 13/1/18

Welcome back to my weekly look through our post. It seems to be getting back to normal now after Christmas. We’ve got back into our letter writing routine and it looks like our friends have too. Here’s what we got this week.



I had three letters in this week all from the UK. It’s been lovely to hear about how everybody spent their Christmas and new year.

Monkey was very excited because she received a letter and picture from a brand new penpal.


Just after Christmas I saw some gorgeous iridescent unicorn high tops on the Next website. Of course Monkey (and me!) instantly fell in love with them. I was really good though and decided she didn’t actually need them. But then we were invited to a unicorn sparkle party and it was game over! She had to have them. A unicorn hoody and leggings may have accidentally slipped into my basket too.

They all arrived on Monday but as I’m now taking orders from a three year old I can’t actually show you because “nobody can see my outfit before the party mummy!”

Bible School

I also received the newsletter from Emmaus Bible School. I did a course with them before Christmas and this has reminded me to enrol for another.

Have you had anything interesting in the post this week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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