Books, ballet and a sewing success – Little Loves 2/52

Books, ballet and a sewing success – Little Loves 2/52

It’s been another busy week. Christmas feels like forever ago and we’re all settling back into our routines. Here’s what we’ve been loving this week.


Monkey tends to go through phases where she wants the same story again and again at bedtime. This week we’ve been reading Don’t Wake the Bear, Hare! and A Bed of Your Own every night. A Bed of Your Own finishes with the line “safe in her own bed like you should be too”. Monkey loves joining in with this line then snuggling down under the covers and demanding kisses.

Favourite bedtime stories

I’m determined to do more reading for myself this year. I’ve not done loads this week but I have managed a couple of chapters of Empire of the Sun.


Treasure Champs on Cbeebies

We’ve been looking forward to Treasure Champs for a while and it finally started  on Cbeebies at the weekend. Each episode talks about a different value or “treasure” and why it’s important. There’s a faith story in each episode too. Monkey especially enjoyed the Courage episode as it had the story of Daniel and the Lion which she’s been learning about at church. She’s looking forward to two new episodes this weekend.


After seeing me doing some cross stitch before Christmas Monkey decided that she wanted to do some sewing. I wasn’t sure she’d be able to as despite the fact she’s about 27in her head, she is still only 3. I had a look around to see what I could find though. The kids cross stitch kits all looked a bit complicated for a first attempt at sewing but I did manage to find a First Sewing kit aimed at age 4+ so I bought it her for Christmas.

I was actually really impressed with the kit. There were quite a few little projects in there so we decided to start with the easiest (a notebook holder) on Thursday. It was slightly chaotic with tangles, thread everywhere and me rethreading the needle approximately 752 times!

Sewing chaos

Despite it all looking so chaotic I was really proud of how well Monkey did. She listened to what she had to do and really concentrated. She was super proud of the finished product. And so was I.

The finished product!


Monkey was really pleased to be back to all her regular activities after the Christmas break this week. She got a new BabyBallet hoody for Christmas and she couldn’t wait to show it off at this week’s lesson.

Beautiful ballerina in her brand new hoody

What you can’t see on the picture is that under the hood it has her name. She can read her name now so personalised items are always a hit. She spent a lot of time with her hood up making everyone read that Monkey is a BabyBallet star!


Sticking with the ballet theme, this week we heard more about Monkey’s first ever ballet show. It’s taking place in March in a proper theatre and she’s so excited. She’s going to be a cowgirl so we’ve heard a lot of “Yee-ha” and seen a lot of lassoing.

And lastly

We’re looking forward to a Messy Church event at the Cathedral tomorrow. After living in Manchester all my life I finally visited for the first time a few months ago. It’s such a beautiful building so I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat



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