Full marks! – Postbox Peeking 6/1/18

Full marks! – Postbox Peeking 6/1/18

I love getting post. Monkey loves getting post. Post is actually a really big part of our lives so I always enjoyed writing my Postbox Peeking every weekend.

So it’s back!

Here’s what we got in the post this week.


It’s actually been a really quiet week for post, just one penpal letter for me and none for Monkey. I posted loads out last week though from both of us so now the holidays are over we should get more.

I collect used postage stamps to raise money for Allergy UK and an envelope full arrived on Wednesday. They’re from lady I don’t know, a penpal of a penpal but she has been a wonderful support sending packages most months.

Up until today that one letter and stamps was all we’d had but then this morning some post arrived for Monkey. And it was exciting post! Just before Christmas she enrolled with Words of Life Postal Bible School and today she got her first marked lesson back. She got full marks! I’m super proud of her and she was very pleased with herself. She can’t wait to start her next lesson.


What did you get in the post this week? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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