Little Loves 1/52

Little Loves 1/52

Little loves is another linky I’m hoping to join in with every week this year. It’s hosted by Coffee, work, sleep, repeat and encourages you to look back at the little things you’ve loved each week.

Getting back to reality after all the madness of Christmas is always difficult but we’ve still managed to have lots of fun.

This week we…



This week we have been falling in love with Blue Kangaroo. Monkey got a set of three books for Christmas and we’ve been reading them on repeat ever since. I’d never heard of them before but a quick Amazon search tells me there are loads of stories all about Lily and her very own kangaroo. We’ll definitely be investing in some more.



Yesterday we watched The Gruffalo at the Lowry Theatre. The tickets were a present from Nana and Grandad and we had so much fun.



I’m not sure if this counts as making something but we hatched a dinosaur egg! It came in Monkey’s stocking and to be honest after spending the grand total of £1.50 on it I wasn’t expecting great things. I was pleasantly surprised though. The dinosaur grew and hatched and watching it kept Monkey entertained all week.



After such a lovely day watching The Gruffalo yesterday there was only one set of pjs that Monkey was going to wear. She was so excited in her gruffalo pyjamas with matching brand new gruffalo toy.


Monkey got a pink ukelele for Christmas from Granny and Grandad. So we’ve heard that. A lot! It’s actually far more bearable than it sounds though. When she plays along to her nursery nativity sings it’s actually pretty cute.

And Lastly

I’m really hoping I can keep up with this every week.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat



7 thoughts on “Little Loves 1/52

  1. Oh, this brings back so many memories! My daughter loved ‘Go to school too, Blue Kangaroo’ so much, my mum ended up making her a blue kangaroo one Christmas. And as for The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child- a staple of all three of mine. It sounds like a wonderful week.


  2. What a lovely week you’ve had. My youngest adored the Gruffalo when she was little and we too did many Gruffalo themed activities. She even had a Gruffalo themed 2nd birthday party!
    Hope you have a great week and and thanks for joining in with LittleLoves! x


  3. Sounds like you have had a wonderful week. H picked one of those dinosaur things up a few months ago, and he was so amazed with it! Bargain price too! Hope you have had a wonderful week x


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