The Gruffalo Live at The Lowry

The Gruffalo Live at The Lowry

Monkey LOVES The Gruffalo. It’s been one of her favourite books since she was tiny. Everybody in our house can recite the whole story word for word without even looking at the book. Not that we do very often as we love the pictures too.

So Monkey was very excited when Nana and Grandad bought her tickets to see The Gruffalo Live for Christmas. And she was super excited this morning when the big day had finally arrived. The show didn’t start until 1.30 but she was trying to leave from about 6am! I finally gave up at around 10.30 and we set off, planning an early dinner on the way.

On our way to find a gruffalo

We got a team to Media City where we stuffed our faces in Pizza Express before heading over to The Lowry. I love The Lowry theatre. It’s bright and modern with lots of room and just seems to work, especially with children.

We had really good seats. We were just three rows from the front. They gave us a booster seat for Monkey too so she had no problems seeing.

A very excited Monkey with an equally excited Grandad

The show was really well done. They had quite a simple set and a cast of just three playing all the characters. Monkey completely believed they were all different though and loved to tell me who was coming next.

All was quiet in the deep dark wood

The show stayed very close to the book. Audience participation was encouraged so children were shouting out their favourite bits. There was lots of singing and dancing and Monkey’s favourite part was roaring like a gruffalo to scare the fox away.

The show was fun with lots of laughs for both adults and kids. We all had a really lovely day.

Monkey, Grandad and a brand new friend say “Roar!”

7 thoughts on “The Gruffalo Live at The Lowry

  1. This was one of my boys’ favorite books, too! I miss the days of when they enjoyed attending such shows. Now it’s all sports, LEGOs, and teenage-boy stuff. Enjoy these moments – they don’t last long enough! I hope you are able to attend more shows this year!


    1. She’s piled a load of fliers into my bag of other shows she “needs” to see. Hopefully we’ll manage some of them because you’re right it really does go too quick


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