Five habits for 2018

Five habits for 2018

So here we are at the start of 2018! A brand new year with brand new opportunities. I love it when the year’s all new and you’re still thinking about all the things you’re going to do with it. I’ve never been a big one for resolutions though. They always seem to be very generic with no real measure of success or so ambitious that they’re bound to end in disappointment.

I still like to do something to mark the new year though, which is why this post from Rachel Ridler:Mum on a mission (although I’ve now noticed it’s a year old!) really seemed to speak to me. I don’t want to make resolutions, I do want to form new habits. Habits that will help me at home, with family, at work, in prayer. So many areas of my life could be improved just by making simple things into everyday habits.

So here are the things I want to make habits in 2018.

Mummy Meditations

Given it was a blog about Mummy Meditations that got me thinking about habits, this had to come first. I love the idea behind Mummy Meditations – Bible study with no guilt, just one verse to really focus on each week. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing and getting Monkey involved in but I’ve got out of the habit. I’ve already started with this weeks verse and I’m determined to get back in the habit.

Blog consistently

I love blogging but I am the world’s most inconsistent blogger. Sometimes you’ll get four posts off me in a day, other times you won’t hear from me for months. I want to get a bit more structure and routine into my blogging so I’ve picked a couple of linkies to join in with each week – Living Arrows at What The Redhead Said and Little Loves at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. I’m also hoping to write up what I’ve done with the Mummy Meditations verse each Sunday and start my Postbox Peeking posts again on a Saturday. All that and random ramblings too!

SJI prompt

This year I’ve signed up to Prompt 52 from Share Jesus International. Prompt is a thought and a question each week for a year! The idea is that you prayerfully ask God that question and then look out for opportunities and situations that arise where you can follow through with the challenge. I’m not 100% how it’ll work but I’m interested to see where it’ll take me.


I used to read loads before I had a baby. The “baby” is now three and a half. It’s time I got back to it. I’ve joined an online book club, I just need to buy the book now!

My Fitness Pal

We’re really hoping to get a holiday abroad this year. I’m nowhere near bikini ready! I’ve probably tried most diets out there but what works best for me is good old fashioned calorie counting. The My Fitness Pal app makes it really easy to count calories and seeing it all there in black and white really helps keep me on track.

What habits do you want to start in 2018?



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