Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness week 2

Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness week 2

It’s been a strange week with Mummy Meditations. In some ways I don’t feel that we’ve done much with the verse at all but then I’ve had some lovely conversations with Monkey where she really seems to be thinking about the verse.

This week’s verse was Psalm 86:15.

But you, Lord,are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.

When I first read this verse to Monkey she asked me what some of the words meant. Compassionate and gracious we changed to kind and caring to help her understand and I explained that abounding meant having lots of. Interestingly she didn’t ask me to explain faithfulness. When I asked her if she knew what faithfulness means she replied “I remember from last week mummy. God is faithful because he will never leave me”. These last few weeks I’m really starting to see just how much Mummy Meditations is helping us both grow in faith.

As I said we’ve not done much with the verse this week but we have enjoyed singing this song together.

Mummy Meditations is a way of spending time with God whilst also raising children. You can find out more at Rache Ridler – Mum on a Mission


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