Postbox Peeking 10/6/17

Postbox Peeking 10/6/17

I didn’t write a postbox peeking last week, partly because I was away camping but mainly because I broke my phone so today you’re getting two weeks for the price of one. Here goes!



It’s been quiet for penpal letters with only four coming in over the fortnight.


Monkey and I went to Big Church Day out last week and camped there for the weekend. In my usual organised state I had no tent until the day before we went. It did arrive in time though and Monkey loved it. She is a born camper!


A Disney princess umbrella also arrived this week. She can’t actually manage to hold it AND hold my hand so going out with it is a bit of a nightmare. Monkey is very chuffed with it though.


More used stamps arrived this week. I’m always really grateful when people send me their stamps as they can be used to raise funds for Allergy UK – a charity that means so much to our family.


It was a toucan box week this week. Monkey has a lovely Indian elephant to make. Lots of glitter so she will be happy.

Other stuff

I had lots of lovely goodies as part of the mummy meditations good gift exchange. I’ll be writing about that in the week so you’ll have to wait to see what I got.

This is the first election for ages where people have actually bothered to leaflet. I’ve had loads of election mailing from all the main parties and from my union.

Monkey’s junior ISA statement arrived and confirmed that she is loads richer than her mummy.

What have you had in the post this week?


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