Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness week 1

Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness week 1

This week in our mummy meditations we have moved onto looking at faithfulness. I had assumed we would be looking at our faithfulness to God but you should never assume anything because we began this week by looking at God’s faithfulness to us.

Because God has said “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5

When I first looked at the verse it struck me what an amazing promise that was. No matter what we do, or who we are God will always be there for us. Whilst he will always try to lead us on the right path ultimately we are human and make our own choices and mistakes. God will never leave our side though, even if we are making bad choices that is his faithfulness to us.

Whenever I look at a bible verse with Monkey I try to find a song to start with, to help her think about what the verse I trying to tell us. There are loads of great worship songs for kids these days and usually I choose one of those but the more I looked at this verse the more I was reminded of one of the classics I used to sing as a child. Great is Thy Faithfulness just seemed to fit here.

I’ve talked lots with Monkey this week about people who look after her and more importantly what they do to look after her. One of the images she came up with was of me holding her hand. We talked about even though we can’t see him God is always there with her holding her hand.

I love a good handprint craft so we got the paint out to talk about this some more.The handprint represented how God holds her in his hand but each finger also represented a way in which God was faithful to her: He made her, he knows her, he loves her, he protects her and he rescues her. Pretty amazing!

We always have a lot of fun looking at our mummy meditations verse together but I’ve never been sure quite how much of what we talk about is going in. She’s pretty bright but then all mums think that about their kids and she’s still not quite three. However, she amazed me at Sunday school this morning. Completely coincidentally they were looking at the same verse. We’re only a small church so all the kids are in together and range from age one to ten. Monkey is the second youngest but when it came to this verse she proudly announced that she knew it because she’d been learning about with mummy and the church ladies from inside her phone. 


13 thoughts on “Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness week 1

  1. Finding ways to spend quality time with your kids is so important, especially in a world where everything is “rush, rush, rush”


  2. This sounds so lovely. I was brought up going to church and Sunday school. I loved it and it gave me a good head start in life and learnt very important life lessons there. When I have children of my own I will be doing the same.


  3. This is lovely, I went to Sunday school and church. I don’t take my son often as he is 2 and the services are too long for him but we do go to a tots groups called toys praise and sing songs, read children’s bible stories x


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