Allergy Update

Allergy Update

A few weeks ago Monkey was back at the children’s hospital for an allergy clinic appointment. It was a really positive appointment so I thought I’d do a little update about where we’re up to with her allergies

The appointment started with them doing her height and weight. She was very shy for some reason and clung to my legs. It took a lot of persuasion to get her on the scales and I’m not convinced her height was recorded correctly as she was wriggling about so much and jumping up and down.

She seemed to relax a bit when we were back in the waiting room. They have a great set up there and there is so much to do to stop the kids getting bored. As usual when we’re at the children’s hospital Monkey headed straight for the play house.


We saw the dietitian first. Monkey’s size continues to be a worry. She is now below centiles for both height and weight. Whilst this is obviously not great they’re not panicking too much at the moment. She was small at birth and she IS growing, just very slowly! The main thing is she is in proportion. They explained it was more worrying if there was a big difference between height and weight centiles.

At the moment they’re not planning to do anything about her weight. She was on a prescription food when she was younger that was high calorie and high fat. It looked like wallpaper paste but Monkey seemed to like it. They mentioned she may need something similar short term if she ever gets any kind of sickness bug as she can’t afford to lose any weight.

When we’d finished with our dietitian we went in to see the specialist allergy nurse. Apart from her weight they were really pleased with how she was doing. Her skin and asthma seem to be much more under control since her last time in clinic and some foods have been reintroduced to her diet. Soya was no problem at all. Wheat was more difficult but we seem to have cracked it.

The plan for now is to try to reintroduce some of the lower risk allergens at home and they’re going to book her in for hospital food challenges to the things she had the worst reactions to.

We’ve already sucessfully introduced pears since the appointment. Monkey is absolutely loving them! Next on the list is sesame.

Overall it was a really positive appointment. At our last allergy clinic I was all in a panic about applying for schools, thinking I’d be sending her off with loads of allergies and they wouldn’t be able to keep her safe. Now we have significantly reduced the number of allergies. I don’t think she’ll be allergy free by the time she starts school but it’ll certainly be more managable. And I’m hopeful that one day, maybe, she will be allergy free!


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