Mummy Meditations – Goodness week 4

Mummy Meditations – Goodness week 4

It’s been a bit of a different week for me with Mummy Meditations this week. Normally I try to get Monkey really involved in the verse. We get messy, paint, cut, stick, build and experiment to help her understand the bible. We sing and we dance and we make lots of noise praising our God.

This week wasn’t like that.

The awful events of Monday night have made me just want a quiet week. The fact that it is so close to home means my journey to and from work has been affected so even if I wanted to get messy, I had a lot less time to do so.

I almost didn’t write a post this week but then I realised just because we’ve not done lots of activities and got insta worthy photos doesn’t mean we’ve not done Mummy Meditations. In fact, if I look at Rachel’s aims when setting up Mummy Meditations this week is exactly what it’s all about – not letting being a busy mum stop you spending time with God AND not feeling guilty about fitting that time in where you can.

So have I spent more time with God than I would have without Mummy Meditations?  Yes!

Have I needed that time this week? Absolutely!

A good man brings good out of the good stored up in him and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him – Matthew 12:35

On Tuesday when I looked again at the verse for this week it said so much to me about what was happening in Manchester. Good v evil seemed to fit so well and looking at what has been happening in town since the bomb evil will never win.

People I know have asked me since Monday where is God in all this? Spending just five minutes in Manchester City Centre will give you your answer. You can see God at work in the amazing people that are there helping. People of all races and religions coming together to help, standing up strong and saying “We’re Manchester, we’re strong and hate is not welcome here”

So many people have good stored up in them and to me it starts with that most important commandment – Love.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. – John 13:34-35

The love that people have for each other and their city has been stored up in the good people of Manchester allowing them to do not just good things but amazing things this week.

I’m thankful that Monkey is still too young to understand. I don’t know how I would explain to her without terrifying her. She knows something sad has happened though. We did the minutes silence together and at nursery the children dressed as Manchester bees and released pink balloons which was beautiful.

At home we have talked lots about what makes a person good. We talked about the people who help us and used bubbles to help us pray for them. As Monkey popped bubbles she said the name of people or groups she wanted to pray for – nurses, teachers, doctors, her friends and family.


We always try to find a song to sing together and to finish off our month on goodness we went for this one.


One thought on “Mummy Meditations – Goodness week 4

  1. I totally understand what you mean. Last week was so horrific, and sometimes we just need to bring ourselves before God, without any agenda but just to focus on Him. I think the people of Manchester have been absolutely incredible in demonstrating love – there’s an amazing photo of a Muslim man and a Jewish lady praying together which has gone viral, and that has resonated really powerfully with me. I’m so glad you’re getting so much out of Mummy Meditations xxx


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