Cute clothes and pretty bracelets – Postbox Peeking 28/5/17

Cute clothes and pretty bracelets – Postbox Peeking 28/5/17

We’ve had lots of lovely things in the post this week, mainly through our brand repping. Here we go with our weekly look at what’s arrived.



Three letters for me and one for Monkey this week. She’s not had any penpal post for a while so she was so excited to have a letter of her own.

My three letters were lovely and full of good news. There was new babies, adoptions, holidays, exam successes and lots of things to make me smile.

Brand Repping

Monkey is a brand rep for Little Mr and Miss Apparel. She gets so excited when a parcel from them arrives. This week we had three gorgeous outfits from them.


The only outfit we’ve managed to wear so far is the one I didn’t think we’d get much wear out of. This watermelon summer set is so cute I had to have it but I wasn’t sure we’d get the weather for it here in Manchester. It’s been beautiful this week though so we’ve been out and about, enjoying the sunshine and looking fab!


Although we’ve not had the other outfits on I love them because I can almost hear Monkey saying what is written on the tops.


It’s normally Monkey who is the brand rep in our house so I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to be a brand rep for Katy Day Designs. They sell the most beautiful jewellery with a christian theme. There is so much I want to order but for now I am loving my bible verse bracelet.



Next week we’re going camping at Big Church Day Out. We’re not campers! I have no camping equipment and no clue where to start. I’ve managed to beg and borrow most things we’ll need but I’ve bought a gorgeous disney princess ready bed for Monkey to sleep in. No pictures as I’ve had to hide it from her for now!

I also bought a few more bits for my Mummy Meditations Good Gift Exchange. It’s all been sent off to my partner now so hopefully I can tell you more soon.

Monkey’s Birthday

Monkey’s birthday is in June. Way back when I was pregnant I joined a facebook group of women all expecting babies in June 2014. They should never have let me in as I was due in July but I’m so glad they did. It’s been an amazing group and we’ve shared so much. Now that the babies are turning 3 (how did that happen?) we’re taking part in a gift exchange and Monkey’s gift arrived yesterday. I’ve put it away until her actual birthday but I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Other Stuff

Other stuff we’ve had this week include a party invitation for Monkey, a hospital appointment for Monkey and my pension statement which was very confusing.

What have you had in the post this week?


7 thoughts on “Cute clothes and pretty bracelets – Postbox Peeking 28/5/17

  1. Ahh, I miss having a Penpal! I used to have loads when I was a teenager.
    I love the clothes, the watermelon outfit is adorable! And I love the jumpers with words/quotes on, so unique and cute, hehe. xx


  2. Such cute stuff!! Well we had a high chair from a newly launched brand for review. There was a pair of leggings for me for my gym. And the usual pamphlets and leaflets. Our mailbox is definitely not as exciting as your’s. Have a great week.


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