Good Gifts – Postbox Peeking 21/5/17

Good Gifts – Postbox Peeking 21/5/17

We’ve not had much post here this week but gifts seem to have featured heavily – both coming in and going out.



Only one letter arrived for me this week, all the way from Finland. My finnish pal lives in the Lapland area, just 57 miles from the artic circle so I love reading about her weather. While I’m moaning about the typical Manchester rain she is managing to keep a garden alive through snow and frost. In this letter she had 40cm of snow and the temperature was -4 and this was it getting warmer!

Monkey had no letters this week but her first birthday present arrived from her penpal in Dubai. It’s a gorgeous doll with lots of accesories. She’s not seen it yet as I’m going to wrap it and put it away for her birthday next month.



I can’t show you what shopping arrived this week. I’m taking part in a gift exchange to celebrate one year of Mummy Meditations. Some lovely gifts arrived for my partner this week but I am keeping them secret until she’s received them.


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