Free Books! – Postbox Peeking 14/5/17

Free Books! – Postbox Peeking 14/5/17

Hello and welcome back to our weekly look through my letterbox.



Five letters for me this week, all from within the UK. There’s been lots of exciting news – holidays, dance shows, new babies, new businesses – and it’s lovely to be able to share it in this small way.



Another envelope of used stamps arrived for my charity collection. Any used stamp from any country can be used to raise money for Allergy UK – a charity that means so much to my family. If you could help with this or want to know more PLEASE get in touch.


I wasn’t sure whether to include these in this section as they were free but it seemed like the best fit. The lovely people at Godventure gave away 1000 free books last week to celebrate getting to 1000 likes on their facebook page.

Godventure describe themselves as inspiring families to do “God stuff” together at home. Monkey is at an age where she is just starting to understand things at church and I’m always looking for ways to discuss faith with her. I was already planning to order some of their products so when I saw this offer I jumped on it straight away and ordered two books – Our Family Godventure and A Godventure through the life of Jesus.


I’m going to do a proper write up of these in the next few days so I won’t say too much about them for now other than they look fab.

Other Stuff

The only other thing that arrived this week was my polling card for the General Election.

What have you had in the post this week?


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