Postbox Peeking 30/4/17

Postbox Peeking 30/4/17

It’s been another good week for post this week. Here is our weekly look at what came through our postbox.



I had five letters in this week – four from the UK and one from Australia. I love hearing from all my penpals and find writing to them a great way to relax so I’m looking forward to catching up on my letters over the bank holiday.


Two of my penpals including used stamps with their letter. I collect them to raise money for Allergy UK, which is a charity that means so much to my family.


I also received this colourful maths game from World Vision. Me and Monkey need to personalise it before sending it on to Regina, the little girl we sponsor in Uganda.


Party preparations have continued this week as 30 princess notebooks arrived. Monkey is having a princess themed party so these are perfect for her party bags.



Our latest Toucan Box arrived earlier this week. We always have lots of fun with them and today we’ll be making a kite. It’s quite windy outside so we might even get to fly it.

I’ve also signed up to United Christian Broadcasters Word for today. Each quarter they will send me a booklet with a short bible study for each day. They also sent me a beautiful notebook and pen as a welcome gift. I’m planning to set it up as a prayer journal and try out some of the lovely bible journalling resources I’ve seen lately.


What have you had in the post this week?



18 thoughts on “Postbox Peeking 30/4/17

  1. I can’t believe you have pen pals – I used to love this when I was younger. It’s so great that this hasn’t died out with the advance of technology. The anticipation of waiting for a response was so great, just seeing your words bought it straight back to me. How long have you been writing to the pen pals?


  2. Oh my goodness .. I haven’t thought about pencils in such a long time. When I was younger I had three or four. I have a twinge of sadness that people communicate so much through email now days. There is something truly special about having something pretty and fun in your mailbox!


  3. I used to penal a lot when I was younger, was wondering just the past few days if anyone still does this? It’s so good to see people still do!! I would love to start this again. Really enjoying your blog πŸ™‚


  4. I remember when I had pen pals, how lovely that you still keep up with it. Your post is a world of excitement in comparison to mine which is usually bills or a little shopping spree that makes my bank balance cry


  5. Aww I love that you guys have penpals, I used to have some when I was younger, now all I get are bills haha


  6. Awwwh I love penpals!!! I always wanted some as a kid and I still do its awesome to be in contact with people all around the world and in such a traditional way!


  7. I love this type of post! Even after having our own house for 18 years, I still get excited about what the post will bring. Sadly ours included a parking ticket this week but I will gloss over that!


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