Pretty clothes and party prep – Postbox Peeking 23/4/17

Pretty clothes and party prep – Postbox Peeking 23/4/17

Slightly later than advertised as I’ve been hit with the lurgy over the weekend but here I am with what we got in the post last week.



I only had one penpal letter this week – from Marina in Russia. She was telling me all about her Christmas and Easter celebrations. I love hearing about the differences and similarities in the celebrations all around the world. She also sent me this beautiful Easter card.



We received a letter from Regina, the little girl we sponsor through World Vision. Regina lives in Uganda and World Vision are doing fantastic things in her community. Regina told us all about her christmas and drew some pictures for us.


Brand Repping

We were super lucky and received two parcels full of gorgeousness from Little Mr and Miss Apparel this week. Monkey now recognises their logo on the envelope so was into them and had the clothes on before I was even home from work. I think the tutu dress was her favourite but she also loved the camera t-shirt and the red shorts which were a special brand rep gift and aren’t available on the website.



I’ve done quite a bit of shopping this week as I’m trying to get organised for Monkey’s birthday party. It’s not until the end of June but it will come round so quickly. This week the plates, cups, tablecloth, balloons and party bags arrived. There is now more Princess Sofia in my house than there is in the Disney Store!


My penpal Elaine has just opened an etsy store and I bought these gorgeous party bag stickers from her. I also got address labels for me and Monkey.


We had another party to prepare for this week too. One of Monkey’s little friends turns 3 on Thursday and it was his party on Saturday. I was having a slight panic that his gift wouldn’t arrive in time but Wingo from Cars arrived on Friday.


Other Stuff

I’ve also had a union magazine and statements from all the candidates in the Manchester mayor election. Nothing exciting there.

What have you had in the post this week?


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