Mummy Meditations – Gentleness week 3

Mummy Meditations – Gentleness week 3

This week for our mummy meditations we’ve been looking at Galatians 6:1

Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in sin, you who live by the spirit should restore that person gently – Galatians 6:1

Before I could begin looking at the verse with Monkey she needed to have some understanding of what sin is. We started by reading about Adam and Eve in various children’s bibles. We talked about whether they should have eaten the apple and Monkey decided they shouldn’t have because God told them not to and you should try to do what God wants even if it’s hard.

We played a game to show that sometimes no matter how hard we try we don’t always get things just right. Monkey had to try to throw her ball into a target. She tried very hard and managed to hit the target a few times. She also missed, a lot!


As we are still looking at gentleness it was the restore that person gently part of the verse I really wanted to focus on with Monkey. We used play-doh and started by just bashing it and being quite rough with it. We had lots of fun but didn’t manage to make anything. I explained to Monkey that restoring something means making it back to it’s best and this verse says we need to do that gently. By being gentle with the play doh we were able to make shapes and patterns with it. It could do more when it was treated gently – just like people can!




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