The Little Ones Tag

The Little Ones Tag

I was tagged by Emma at They Grow So Quick to take part in the Little Ones tag. It’s a fun tag where you answer questions on behalf of your little people. It’s interesting to imagine what is going on inside their heads. I got slightly confused at first and actually asked Monkey the questions. I’m going to include both sets of answers here as I thought it would be fun to compare what I thought she’d say to what she actually said. The standard text are my answers and the italics are Monkey’s.

What’s the best thing about being 2 and a 1/2 years old?

I’m a big girl now. I’m in preschool 1 and I’m in red group. And I can do lots of things because I’m not a baby anymore. I don’t need a pram or a nappy.

I’m the best at 2 and a 1/2. It’s me mummy.

What’s your favourite toy?

Whichever one you don’t want me to have. It gets bonus points if it’s noisy. Daddy’s glasses are a good toy too but sometimes he is mean about sharing them.

Sofia the Bear. I put all the fluff in her. I gave her heart lots of love and put it inside her. Then the lady fastened her up.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

I like playing with my friends and going to the park. Sometimes mummy makes me stay in and then I like using her as a climbing frame. It’s her own fault she should take me to the proper one.

Erm, watch Princess Sofia. We all like it don’t we?

What is your favourite outfit?

Anything that sparkles. It changes a lot. Just because something used to be my favourite doesn’t mean I’ll want to wear it when mummy leaves it out.

I don’t like tights. I like tutus.

What is your favourite tv programme?

I like to have Princess Sofia songs on endless repeat so mummy and daddy sing them at work. I like Thomas but thats not as annoying for them so I like Sofia more.

Sofia the first. I think so anyway

What’s your favourite book?

Nibbles and Whatever Next. Daddy reads them to me every night before bed. I want to go to the moon with the teddy.

The Princess Sofia one with the slumber party. I can do the dance.

What is your favourite food?

Sausages and bread and sweeties and Simon chocolate and lots of things. I like food a lot.

Food makes me poorly. But mummy and daddy check the labels and then it doesn’t. I like my special Simon chocolate.

What is your favourite song?

All the Princess Sofia songs. I know all the dances and I like singing them. Mummy and daddy try to join in but I don’t let them. I don’t like their singing.

Everything I am. I like watching songs about Jesus on mummy’s phone. I like the rabbit one too.

What makes you laugh?

Being upside down. Or high up. Or anywhere that frightens mummy.

Mr Tumble is funny! Mr Tumble makkes us laugh! Haha heehee. Lots of things. I like laughing.

Who do you love and why?

My friends because I like playing with them.

Mummy and daddy and all the ladies and Stuart because they all look after me. And Sofia the bear because she is pretty and she has a sparkly dress. And Jesus because he loves me. And Miley because she is my best friend.

Stop asking me stuff Mummy

I’m tagging the following blogs;

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I can’t wait to see what all your littlecones are thinking.


20 thoughts on “The Little Ones Tag

  1. Lol too funny. Sofia the first is definitely a favorite for kids. My 10 and 12 year old still it. Don’t break daddy’s glasses little one


  2. Ok this is really cute! I really like how you’ve added her answers. Puts a nice spin on the tag. ‘I don’t like tights, I like tutus’ – do we have a fashion blogger in the making?!


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