Sofia the Bear – Living Arrows

Sofia the Bear – Living Arrows

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran

Well what a wonderful week it’s been. We’ve been off work and nursery and the sun’s been shining. We’ve been able to get out and about and have lots of fun. We’ve been to the park, bug hunting and climbing trees. I really thought this week’s picture would be something outdoorsy.

And then came yesterday. It was never planned to be a big day out but it ended up being a lovely day. After church we got the tram into town and went for Pizza. Then we had a look round the shops. The Disney Store and Lego Shop were both lots of fun but it was Build a Bear Workshop that made me change my mind about which picture to use.

Meet Sofia the Bear!


Neither me or Monkey had been to Build a Bear before but we both loved it. Monkey loved watching the stuffing fluff whirling about in the machine. She was a little bit unsure about actually stuffing the bear at first as it was quite noisy but she soon got the hang of it. Once the bear was stuffed she gave her heart a big kiss before dropping her into the stuffing and handing her over to be sewn up.

Choosing the clothes seemed to be Monkey’s favourite part. She is a proper diva and already has very clear ideas about putting an outfit together. She loves a bit of sparkle and was drawn to the purple sparkly shoes straight away. She chose a purple dress to match. All in purple she looked just like Monkey’s favourite princess Sofia the first so she became Sofia the Bear. We even found a tiara for her at the till to finish off the princess look.

Such a fun day!

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Sofia the Bear – Living Arrows

  1. Build a bear is awesome! My son who is 8 now spent his first 4 yrs going to build a bear literally 3-4x a year. Yes he’s got a collection of bears he’s named and still lives with him in his room! Its one of the best memories i have of him as an only child.


  2. We love Build-a-Bear! We just got the little one a Lalaloopsy doll from there for her birthday, and she shrieked with joy after getting it. I love how they think of every little detail for your children’s experience, from the clothes to the little accessories.

    Mae |


  3. I think I love build a bear more than N does. He liked choosing the bear and making it, but wasn’t fussed about clothes (worked out cheap for me!) #livingarrrows


  4. We have never been to build a bear! It sounds like we have been missing out. I love the little story behind the bears name. The rabbit ears are really cute too! #LivingArrows


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