Christian Bloggers UK Easter Tag

Christian Bloggers UK Easter Tag

This is one of those posts that I’ve been meaning to write for ages. Christian Bloggers UK have been doing an Easter tag. I’ve really enjoyed reading about how everyone is celebrating Lent and Easter but before I knew it we were into Holy Week and I’d still not written my post. So here goes…


1. How are you celebrating Lent this year?

In the past I have given things up for Lent but this year I wanted to do a bit more. I’m not sure how much not eating chocolate for a few weeks helps me connect with God or express my faith. I decided that this Lent I wanted to live my life in a more christian way. Whilst I’m only one person and can’t change the suffering or injustice in the world, I can do my bit to help. I didn’t get myself organised for 40 acts this year but have done it in the past. I’d like to think I’m doing a similar think in trying to live generously all year but especially during Lent.

2. What does Lent mean for you?

To me Lent is Lent is a way to reconnect with God. A job, a two year old and all of life’s little stresses mean that too often I don’t take the time to just sit in prayer or do some bible study. Quite often I can find myself feeling guilty about this but Lent feels like a new opportunity to renew my faith. I’ve been using All Together for Justice, a handbook put together by All We Can – Methodist Relief and Development, to guide me in my prayer and reflections.
3. What things have you given up for Lent in the past, and did you succeed or fail?

I think I’ve tried everything! Chocolate, crisps, sweets, alcohol, coffee, diet coke and probably lots more. I’ve always managed but diet coke was by far the toughest – I still really need to cut down.
4. Have you ever taken part in an Easter bonnet competition? ( If so post the picture for us all!)

I work in a junior school so I have to take part every year! My efforts have always been a bit pathetic though. This year is the first year Monkey has had to make one for nursery. We had lots of fun making it together and I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out. She has her Easter bonnet parade on Thursday.

5. What is your favourite pancake topping?

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to pancakes. Lemon and sugar is the only way. We’ve not actually had pancakes for the last three years though as I am still trying to find a recipe that works for Monkey’s allergies.
6. How do you celebrate Easter Day?

It can vary but will usually be church for me and Monkey and then family time at home. Last year was an extra special celebration as it was the day I was baptised and recieved into membership at church.

This year I’m hoping to attend a sunrise service at a local church, before coming home to do an egg hunt for Monkey. We have a bring and share lunch at church follwed by an Easter communion service. My husband will cook us a lamb dinner whilst we’re out then we’ll spend the early evening playing board games or watching films with Monkey before she goes to bed.
7. What is your favourite Easter food?

Probably hot cross buns – especially dripping with real butter. Obviously chocolate is always good too!
8. What would you encourage others to think about during Easter time?

I’d like to see more people thinking about what it is that we’re actually celebrating. Chocolate is nice and bunnies and chicks are cute but the true message of Easter is much more amazing than that. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)

9. What activities do you take part in during Holy Week?

We’ve got a very busy week coming up. This afternoon Monkey went to an Easter party with her friends from Sunday School. She had so much fun and it was nice for us mums to get together too.


I’ve got lots of church services to attend – Tenebrae on Wednesday, foot washing and communion on Thursday, a quiet service on Good Friday followed by a celebration on Sunday.

Monkey also has her bonnet parade on Thursday and we have lots of fun days out planned.
10. Who else would you like to nominate to take part in the Easter Tag?

I would imagine everyone has taken part by now but if you’d like to join in please let me know.


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