A Quiet Week – Postbox Peeking 9/4/17

A Quiet Week – Postbox Peeking 9/4/17

It’s been a very quiet week for post here but here I am with my weekly look at what’s dropped through our postbox this week.

MirrorPic_2017323214617474 Penpalling

This week I’ve had letters from Elaine and Melissa. No letters for Monkey again this week. She is not happy but she’s found some new friends to write to through an allergy group we’re part of so she’s had fun writing to them.


One of the charities I regularly support is The Bible Society. This week I’ve had more information about their work in China. I don’t know much about China so I was shocked to read that during the Cultural Revolution just owning a bible could land you in prison. Now it’s home to the world’s biggest bible printing factory. It was a really interesting read and great to see where my donations are going.


Monkey is a member of Nature Detectives, a wonderful club from The Woodland Trust. Four times a year she recieves a box jam packed full of activities all designed to get her out and enjoying nature. Her latest package arrived this week. She enjoyed looking through it and there are lots of activities we want to try. We really enjoyed our ladybird hunt on Thursday.


We didn’t find any ladybirds although we did find a couple of spiders and an unidentified creepy crawly. Next on our list is making a ladybird from a paper plate and making a cherry blossom picture.

That’s it for us. It really has been a quiet week. What have you had through the post this week?


25 thoughts on “A Quiet Week – Postbox Peeking 9/4/17

  1. The Nature Detectives Club sounds like a great way to get your child’s imagination go wild and learn new things in the same time. I used to love playing detective when I was a child, I wish this kind of boxes would exist back then.


  2. Good luck with making the ladybird I bet that will be fun to make. For me I didn’t have much post but I did have a lot of parcels! I got some art prints, a top , some makeup and a massive swan float which I am excited about!


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