What we did this week – Little Loves

What we did this week – Little Loves

Little Loves over at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat is a lovely way of rounding up the little things that make up your week. I’m very excited to be joining in for the first time this week.



Monkey has been struggling a bit with her allergies lately. She’s been getting really upset when she can’t have the same as her friends. She doesn’t really know anyone else with allergies so was starting to feel like she was the only one. Finding these books at the library couldn’t have come at a better time. We are reading them several times a day. She loves that the children are “just like me mummy” and points out all the things that she has to do. It’s helped me talk to her about her allergies without scaring her and she is now telling people she has allergies and what they are.


After not bothering with him for quite a while Mr Tumble is firmly back in favour. The one about a party has been a big hit this week.

I’ve also managed to catch up on Wentworth Prison while she’s been in bed this week. I can’t wait for the new series.


Monkey has been watching lots of kid’s worship songs on you tube lately and it’s lovely to hear her singing along. A gift to you seems to be her favourite and she’s singing it everywhere.


We had a day stuck in the house this week so decided to do some of our Toucan Boxes. They’re always lots of fun but we sometimes struggle to fit them in. They are great for those days when you have to stay in though. Monkey had loads of fun cutting and sticking.



The outfit I’ve chosen for this section isn’t the most amazing but I loved her reason for wearing it. Monkey loves her nursery and is very proud of being in red group in preschool 1. They have recently started learning French at nursery but this is done as a bigger group with an outside provider. Monkey is very concerned about this – how will they know she’s from red group? Her answer was simple, always wear red for French lessons!


And Lastly

We can’t wait for next week. We’ve got parties, picnics and big days out to look forward to.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

12 thoughts on “What we did this week – Little Loves

  1. Ahh cute Minnie outfit my daughter went through a stage of only wanting to wear minnie clothes. So cute. Hope you are having a lovely week. Looks like you have been busy crafting WOW! Way to go. Apologies if I missed last weeks post I am catching up with them today too. Happy weekend and Happy Easter! #littleloves


  2. Those books are a lovely idea 🙂 my nephew has celiac disease and loves it when myself and my nanny child come over to play and we eat the same food as he eats! He doesn’t feel like ‘the odd one out’


  3. ooh arts and crafts. Looks pretty good for a little one to have made, well done! – I, for some reason, let my nephews paint on some canvases in the conservatory yesterday. My bathroom is now pink/brown and blue around the sink area.


  4. Awesom Mommy and daughter bonding activities, My baby loves listening to music as well. Music can stop my boy from throwing tantrums. Nice Entry…♥


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