Good news – Postbox peeking 2/3/17

Good news – Postbox peeking 2/3/17

It’s that time of week again when we have a look at what came through the postbox of the Monkey House.


Hospital News

I think my favourite piece of post this week was a letter from the hospital with the results of her recent tests. Her blood tests were all normal and her coeliac screen was clear. It’s such a relief as adding coeliac to all her allergies would be a nightmare. I’m hoping now we can have a bit of time off and avoid the hospital until we’re back at the allergy clinic in May.


This week I’ve had letters from Taija in Finland and Rachael in Barnsley.

Monkey hasn’t had any letters this week but she did get an envelope stuffed full of bits for her hair thanks to my penpal Ella. Ella runs a penpal group on facebook and chose to send these to Monkey as part of her Wednesday wishlist.


Both me and Monkey are almost caught up with our post now so I’m hoping we’ll soon be back to our normal routine of having post every day.


We have a few charities that we regularly support including Allergy UK, World Vision and The Bible Society.ย This week we’ve had an update from the Bible Society about their work in China and Albania.

My penpal Taija also sent me some used postage stamps which are used by my fundraising group to raise money for Allergy UK. Taija is wonderful because she always tries to send me Finnish stamps that are valuable to collectors. Any used stamps can be used to raise funds though. You can get a freepost envelope to collect them in here, make sure you put Abigail’s Allergy Superheroes as the charity name please!


The only think I bought online this week was a toy tool kit for Monkey. Daddy’s bike has been in the bike shop for repair and of course, anything that Daddy does Monkey has to do too. Suddenly her bike was broken and she needed to fix it with Daddy.


She had so much fun fixing things we decided to get her her own tools.

Other Stuff

My polling card for the Manchester Mayor election arrived. I can’t believe how quiet this campaign has been. I don’t even know who’s standing, never mind their policies. I’ll have to do some research.

What have you had in the post this week? I’d love to hear in the comments.



24 thoughts on “Good news – Postbox peeking 2/3/17

  1. I love that you have pen pals! It’s something I always wanted to do as a child but I never got around to it. Lovely that they sent some bits for your daughter too. Glad to hear the coeliac tests came back clear too! x


  2. Ah love this post it’s such a great idea. I have t had anything too exciting in the post but a parcel man has brought me chocolate ๐Ÿซ ๐Ÿ˜


  3. Such a lovely lot of hair bits Monkey received from your penpal! So wonderful her coeliac tests came back clear and you don’t need to add another diagnosis to the mix. It must be lovely having penpals as you two do, so nice to get things in the post besides bills x


  4. Aw I’m so pleased that the results of the tests came back ok. I’ve just discovered that I have a strong dairy intolerance so have been trying to cut that out so although its different to allergies, I understand how hard it is to try to juggle more than one thing at once xxx


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