Mummy Meditations – Gentleness week 1

Mummy Meditations – Gentleness week 1

My faith is something I’ve not I’ve spoken about much online but it is something that’s very important to me and something that I want Monkey to grow up with. She loves going to church whether that’s a Sunday Service at our church, a Thursday afternoon bible story session at another local church, Messy Church or a monthly service for under 5s that we attend.

Whilst I take Monkey to lots of church services and activites I’m aware I don’t talk about the bible with her as much as I could. I’m also aware there are huge gaps in my bible knowledge. I attended church as a very small child but didn’t go at all between the ages of about 8 and 30. I wanted a way that we could study the bible together.

I’ve enjoyed reading Rachel Ridler’s blog Mum on a Mission and she seemed to have the answer. She runs a community called Mummy Meditations. The idea is that it’s an achievable way to spend time with God whilst also raising children. Each week they focus on just one verse from the bible.

This week’s verse was Proverbs 15:1

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

We began by finding a video on You Tube. Monkey loves to watch some of the bible songs and stories gor kids on there and we soon found a version of this verse that she enjoyed.

We then talked some more about what the verse meant. Monkey is only two so sometimes needs some help to understand. We used a washing up sponge and some feathers. I tickled her arm with both and we talked about how the rough sponge was uncomfortable but the soft feathers felt nice. I explained that words are the same – soft words can make people feel lovely but rough or harsh words can hurt people. This verse is telling us that God wants us to use kind words.

Next week I’m hoping that me and Monkey will be able to explore the verse more as we will have a full week looking at it. For now I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to share with her


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