Pretty clothes and penpals – Postbox peeking 26/3/17

Pretty clothes and penpals – Postbox peeking 26/3/17


Many months (maybe years) ago on my previous blog I used to join in with a linky all about what we’d got in the post. That linky no longer exists but the post is a big part of life for me and Monkey so I’ve decided to still write about it each week. So here goes…


Monkey and I both love to write to our penpals. We’ve got loads so the postman usually visits us every day. It’s been a quiet week for letters though. I’ve had two, one from Dubai and one from Italy, and poor Monkey hasn’t had any. We both have a huge pile of replies to catch up with though which probably explains a lot.

Brand Repping

Monkey is a Brand Rep for a gorgeous online clothes shop called Mr and Miss Apparel. We’ve had two parcels from them this week.

The first was a few brand rep goodies which we loved. The cake purse is much bigger than it looks in the picture and Monkey has been busy trying to con me out of pennies to fill it. The bow is just beautiful and the fact that it’s purple was an added bonus as it’s Monkey’s favourite colour.


The second parcel was a mix of purchases and brand rep gifts and was just an envelope full of cuteness.

2017-03-26 21.08.05

The poppy tassel dress was a brand rep gift. I’ll be honest and say it probably wasn’t something I would have picked but of the three outfits in the package it was the one she insisted on wearing first. And I absolutely love it on! It’s perfect now we’re finally seeing a bit of sunshine.


I’ve loved this denim romper since I first saw it on the website so I decided to treat her now it’s not so cold. Everybody admired her outfit out and about today. I also bought a black and white skater skirt and top but I’ve not managed to get any pictures of that yet.

Little Mr and Miss Apparel have a fab 10% off offer at the moment so if you like Monkey’s outfits go and check out their facebook page.


I’ve not done much online shopping lately. I bought a couple of pairs of bow socks for Monkey which can be seen in the photos above. Other than that I just bought a princess game for one of her little nursery friends who is having a party next week.

What have you had in the post this week? Maybe one day I’ll make this a linky but for now I’d love to hear in the comments.


27 thoughts on “Pretty clothes and penpals – Postbox peeking 26/3/17

    1. I’ve had penpals since I was seven so can’t remember how I got started. There are loads of penpal groups on facebook these days which are a good place to start


  1. Aw I love that you have penpals! That’s so cool. Also, I saw your little girl in the denim romper on Instagram. I love it! I need to get one for my little girl!


  2. Oh, I remember the times I had penpals! It’s such an exciting way to get to know the world and so much fun for a child, which brings excitement with every letter that comes through. You should definitely keep this hobby alive for her! πŸ™‚


  3. Awww she look adorable. The only thing I get through the post are bills and angry letters from my credit card company. xx


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