The first time she was scared

The first time she was scared

Monkey has never been bothered about going to the hospital. I suppose one good thing about spending so much time there so young is that she just sees it as something that she does – just like nursery, ballet, swimming etc. They have lots of toys to play with and everyone makes a fuss of her so it’s all just a big adventure.

She was the same on Monday. We were really early for our appointment so we went to the hospital cafe. All the time we were there she was asking “Are we going to see the nurses soon? Can I play with the toys?”

When we went down to the children’s unit she was straight into the toys. She found a baby and a doggy and took them both for a walk round the hospital. The hospital environment didn’t bother her at all. She was happy and relaxed.

Playing in the waiting room

And then the nurse called her through.

She went through to the room quite happily chatting away. Then she saw the magic cream and she cried. A lot!

Last time Monkey had bloods done she had the cream applied to four different areas. They put the needle in at each site but couldn’t get enough blood. They ended up taking blood from her wrist with no numbing cream. She was super brave but it must have hurt and she was covered in bruises. She must remember it as she started talking about it hurting and making her bleed as soon as she saw the cream.

Despite being very upset she let them put the cream on and went back out to the waiting room. She was a bit quieter now but seemed ok.

Waiting for the magic cream to work

It was when they called her back through that it all went wrong. She looked terrified. She’s never been scared in the hospital before and I didn’t know how to handle it. I felt like such a bad mummy holding her there with her begging me not to let them do it. She was sobbing her little heart out and I felt like sobbing with her. It was heartbreaking seeing her so scared. The nurses were lovely and tried everything to keep her calm -ipod, bubbles, even the promise of a sticker didn’t do it.

My girl is amazing though. She may not of wanted them to take blood and she was very reluctant to give them her arm but once they had it she didn’t fight them at all. She seemed to know that sitting very still gave her the best chance of it being over quickly and successfully. So  with big tears rolling off her face and me feeling like the world’s worst mummy she sat and had her blood taken. Four pots full. Luckily they managed to get it pretty easily this time.

Bravery award

At the end of the tests the nurses gave Monkey a bravery award. She told them she’d not been a brave girl because she’d cried. I absolutely don’t agree – she’s one of the bravest girls I know!


14 thoughts on “The first time she was scared

  1. Truely a brace girl. My son is terrified of the allergy test pokes on the back because of a bad experience and asks for blood draws instead. Fear is such a strong emotion.


  2. She is such a cutie! She is brave and she did a good job. Even though I am covered with tattoos I hate getting shots or stuck! I like the little award too that was pretty creative of them.-breyona sharpnack


  3. Such a brave little girl :(, even as an adult I hate getting bloods done. As if she didn’t think she’d been brave bless her. Must have been tough on you too.


  4. Oh what a brave little thing, my daughter is always quite good at the hospital but she freaked out the last time having her bloods because of a bad experience before. I hope she is okay the next time and hopefully this experience will overlook the bad one xx


  5. Awww what a brave little girl. My niece recently cut her hand open (don’t ask) and we rushed her down to A&E. She so brave when they were stichnig her hand. Thank for for sharing this. xx


  6. Oh bless her and her cute little wellies! I used to have the magic cream all the time when I was a kid, except when I woke up the cream had always gone and a sticker was there instead 😛 don’t think you’re a bad mummy at all xx


  7. She’s so brave, when I was younger I was in and out of hospitals as well. Looking over my shoulder, seeing my mum and hearing her whisper “I’m here” kept me from freaking out. You’re not a bad mum for not stopping the nurses- you’re an amazing mum for staying with her. Lots of love!


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