The Night Before

The Night Before

Monkey might only be two but she has already spent a lot of time at hospitals. From emergency trips in the early days, to observation and assessment, admission to the ward, consultant appointments, dietitian appointments, allergy testing, nurse appointments and food challenges sometimes it feels like the hospital is our second home. In some ways it makes it easier as it’s something she’s grown up doing and she is very comfortable there. However it doesn’t matter how much time you spend at the hospital, it is never nice to see your child there and the night before any appointment is always full of worry.

Tonight is the night before. Tomorrow Monkey is back at the hospital for coeliac testing. It’s just a blood test tomorrow. She’s had loads of these and is always so brave. It breaks my heart though. She will cry and ask them to be quick but she never fights them or tries to move away. Her last blood test took five attempts before they managed to get enough blood as her veins are so tiny. They ended up having to go in her hand without magic cream. I can still remember her little face, I just hope she’s forgotten it.

From our last appointment with the consultant I think this test is being done more to rule out coeliac than because they actually think she has it. Some of her stomach and bowel issues seem to have started or got worse since the reintroduction of wheat in September. I’m hoping for a negative as being able to have wheat has made such a big difference to Monkey’s diet. If it is positive though I’m just hoping the levels are high enough to diagnose without a biopsy. It sounds like such a lot for a little person to go through. But that’s a worry for another day.

I know that Monkey will be amazing tomorrow. She may be little but she’s brave and takes it all in her stride. Tomorrow I’ll be there being strong for her but tonight, like always on the night before, I’m worrying.

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6 thoughts on “The Night Before

  1. Ugh reading this breaks my heart. Im sorry this is all so hard! I want you to know though you are best mommy ever and I’m certain your baby is glad you’re there. Best of luck! Praying all goes well.


  2. Aw I can’t imagine your situation, going in and out of hopitals with your kid! I get traumatized from just a regular check up! Hope everything went ok!


  3. I hope that they are able to do the blood test quickly for her. My daughter was premature so spent time in hospital when she was born. I’m so glad that she will never remember this experience! Kids are so resilient and brave and we can learn so much from them. Please let me know how it goes on twitter 🙂


  4. Sending so much love to you from another mummy whose little one has spent far too much time in hospital. We had the coeliac biopsies a couple of weeks ago (which came back negative – a blessing and a curse as we still have no answers). The procedure though affected him much less than I expected it too, in fact he didn’t even cry – he was far too busy charming the nurses. I hope you get answers soon, not knowing is the worst. #PostsFromTheHeart


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